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bactotype Software

For management of results using bactotype Mastitis PCR Kits from INDICAL [Read more]

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INDICAL's bactotype Mastitis Software (Release 1.2)

  • is highly recommended as an integral part of INDICAL's bactotype Mastitis Test System.
  • Enables viewing, reporting, storing and exporting of results obtained using bactotype Mastitis PCR Kits
  • Easy-to-use software application and user interface
  • Supports data import from different qPCR cyclers: e.g. Stratagene MX3005P, ABI 7500 (Applied Biosystems), Biorad CFX96 (Bio-Rad Laboratories), AriaMx (Agilent Technologies)
  • Runs on and is validated for Windows 10
  • Supports Mac OS X using Parallels Desktop, vmWare Fusion, Oracle Virtualbox and Apple Bootcamp

Because milk matters - Rapid, flexible and meaningful Bovine Mastitis monitoring and control

Bovine Mastitis is the single most common and most costly disease of dairy cattle worldwide. Mastitis reduces milk production and raw milk quality, making it unsuitable for human consumption. Treating a cow herd for mastitis is costly, leads to milk withholding after treatment and may force producers to cull their dairy cows. Reliably identifying pathogens that Mastitis is the cornerstone of targeted therapy strategies. Currently, bacterial culture remains widely used, but is time- and labor-intensive and, in the case of Mycoplasma detection, extremely challenging. For a fast turnaround and reliable detection of mastitis-causing pathogens, INDICAL has developed a combination of optimized milk extraction and an efficient modular qPCR test system – the bactotype Mastitis Test System.

Using this modular system, DNA is first isolated using a manual (IndiSpin Mastitis Mini Kit) or automated (IndiMag Mastitis Kit) method. DNA is then analyzed using any combination of up to five bactotype Mastitis Multiplex qPCR kits for rapid, conclusive identification of mastitis-causing pathogens, as well as main antibiotic resistance genes. An endogenous internal control is included for monitoring DNA extraction from milk.

The bactotype Mastitis Software enables viewing, reporting, storing and exporting of results.

Product type Software
Pathogen investigated Mastitis causing pathogens
Technology qPCR
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