How to order online

Step-by-step guide to ordering online

  1. Log into your account using the option at the top right of the page.
    You need an INDICAL Online Shop account to order products online.
    You can request an account here.

  2. Find the products you need using
    The search field in the top of each page to search by product name or keyword
    The category browsing option in the top navigation and footer of every page

  3. On the product details page for each product you need, click Add to cart and choose the product quantity.

  4. Click the cart icon at the top right of the page to view your cart. You can make changes to the products and quantities.

  5. Review your shipping and billing details, including the delivery address. You can change the delivery address or provide us with a 2nd during order placement. New or changed addresses must be validated by our Customer Care team. This can take up to two working days.

  6. Click Proceed to payment.

  7. Enter the appropriate purchase order in the purchase order field.

  8. Review your payment details, which are prefilled from your account.

  9. Submit any additional requests in the Special instructions box. Note that information entered here requires review by our Customer Care team.

  10. Add any additional email addresses to the order. All email addresses entered will receive the four notifications (see below).

  11. Click Submit order. You will receive four notification emails (order request information, order confirmation, shipping confirmation and invoice) as your order is processed.

If you have any queries about the order process, please contact Customer Care at