AeroCollect is an air sampling device designed to capture and retain bacteria and viruses from veterinary environments in a custom designed disposable sample chamber.
IndiMag 48 PW Rod cover (672 reactions)
Rod cover (8-strips) for 84 x 8 samples on IndiMag 48
IndiMag 48 PW 1-Sample Block (368 reactions)
Plasticware (4-well block) for 368 x 1 sample on IndiMag 48
IndiMag 48 PW 24-Sample Block (672 reactions)
Plasticware (96-well blocks) for 28 x 24 samples on IndiMag 48
IndiMag 48s
Compact, versatile and easy-to-use instrument for automated magnetic bead-based extraction of nucleic acids from a broad variety of sample types.
IndiMag 48 PW 8-Sample Blocks (560 reactions)
Plasticware (32-well blocks) for 70 x 8 samples on IndiMag 48
OvaCyte Faecal Analyser
Automated faecal egg analyser (Availability/distribution: Outside the U.S., Canada and Ireland)