Cat. No.: VT280455

virotype BTV pan/4 RT-PCR Kit (96 reactions)

For identification of RNA from all 29 known bluetongue virus serotypes plus separate detection of BTV serotype 4 (BTV-4) in a single PCR run (Availability/distribution: Outside the U.S. and Canada) [Read more]

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INDICAL's virotype BTV pan/4 RT-PCR Kit from INDICAL allows for safe identification of Bluetongue Virus-RNA, plus separate detection of the  BTV serotype 4 (BTV-4). The kit contains all of the reagents for multiplex real-time RT-PCR in a single, ready-to-use reaction mix.

  • Separate detection of the European BTV serotype 4 (BTV-4)
  • Suitable for ruminant whole blood and tissue samples from cattle, sheep, and goats
  • Can be used with pools of up to 10 individual samples of blood and with tissue samples from the spleen and lymph nodes
  • Easy-to-use single reaction mix containing control
  • RT-PCR run time of less than 2 hours
  • Can be performed in one cycler run with other virotype RT-PCR assay

Bluetongue disease and Bluetongue Virus

Bluetongue is an infectious, non-contagious disease of ruminants. The agent is the Bluetongue Virus (BTV), a doublestranded RNA virus of the genus Orbivirus of the family Reoviridae which includes at least 27 known serotypes. BTV is widely distributed around the world. Sheep, cattle and goats are mainly affected by the disease. Clear clinical signs are usually seen only in sheep. In severe cases the tongue may show intense hyperemia and become cyanotic (Bluetongue).

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Product contents Master Mix (includes primers, probes and enzymes), Positive Control, Negative Control, Handbook
Pathogen type Virus
Product type Ready-to-use assay
Species Ruminants
Pathogen investigated Bluetongue Virus (BTV)
Technology RT-qPCR
Handbook virotype BTV pan/4 RT-PCR-Kit (August 2018, EN)
Ръководство virotype BTV pan/4 RT-PCR-Kit (Август 2018, BG)
Handbuch virotype BTV pan/4 RT-PCR Kit (August 2018, DE)
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