Cat. No.: SP271906

cattletype Milk Prep Kit (50 reactions)

For concentration and purification of antibodies from bovine milk samples [Read more]

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The cattletype Milk Prep Kit enables concentration and purification of antibodies from individual, pooled, and bulk milk samples.
Concentration of antibodies is a tool to enhance the sensitivity of testing milk samples using immunoassays (e.g., ELISA). The cattletype Milk Prep Kit also helps to minimize non-specific reactions in individual milk samples by purification of those samples.

  • Optimized for enrichment of antibodies in milk samples
  • Depletes the milk protein casein and purifies sample
  • For use prior to ELISA to increase test sensitivity
Target analyte Antibodies
Product contents Precipitation Reagent, Neutralization Buffer, Matrix, Elution Buffer, Spin columns, Handbook
Product type Lysis buffer
Technology Reagent
Handling Manual/automated
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