Cat. No.: SP947654P608

IndiMag Pathogen IM48 Cartridge
(6 x 8 blocks)

Prefilled reagent cartridges for automated magnetic-bead based extraction of nucleic acids on IndiMag 48/48s [Read more]

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Nucleic acid extraction has never been faster and easier

Introducing IndiMag Pathogen IM48 Cartridges for automated extraction of high-quality nucleic acids (viral RNA and DNA, and bacterial DNA) from a broad range of animal sample types using the IndiMag 48/48s

  • Safe significant hands-on-time
  • Faster and easier nucleic acid extraction with prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges
  • Ready to go in just three steps [watch video]
  • Available for 8 and 24 sample sizes
  • Room-temperature stable reagents
  • Proven in the field with high throughput diagnostic labs

Suitable starting materials for direct processing include:

  • Whole blood
  • Serum
  • Plasma
  • Oral fluid
  • Body cavity fluids (e.g., peritoneal, synovial, cerebrospinal)
  • Liquid extracts from swabs (e.g., nasal, pharyngeal, and cloacal swabs)
  • Wash fluids (e.g., from bronchoalveolar lavages)
  • Other fluids, such as urine or feces suspensions
Product contents Cartridge, Lysis Buffer, Rod Cover Strips, Quick-Start Protocol (PCard)
Target analyte Viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA
Product type Prefilled reagent cartridge
Technology Magnetic bead
Handling Automated
Safety Data Sheets
SDS IndiMag Pathogen IM48 Cartridge (EN)
Handbook IndiMag Pathogen Cartridge (September 2021, EN)
Instrukcja obsługi IndiMag Pathogen Cartridge (Wrzesień 2021, PL)
Product flyer for IndiMag 48s and IndiMag Cartridges (September 2021, EN)
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