Cat. No.: PT273005

pigtype Salmonella Ab
(20 ELISA plates)

For the detection of antibodies to salmonella serotypes of group B, C, D, and E (Availability/distribution: Outside the U.S. and Canada) [Read more]

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The pigtype Salmonella Ab is a specific and highly sensitive indirect ELISA for detecting antibodies to salmonella serotypes of group B, C, D, and E in serum samples of swine.

  • Suitable for serum, plasma, and meat juice samples
  • First assay to reliably detect antibodies to salmonella serotypes of group B, C, D, and E (Kauffmann-White-scheme)
  • User-friendly, short and overnight protocols for fast results
  • Colored, ready-to-use reagents
  • Interchangeable kit components within pigtype product family:  Sample Diluent, Wash Buffer, Substrate Solution, and Stop Solution


Salmonellosis is a zoonotic disease caused by bacteria of the genus Salmonella. Humans can be infected by consumption of salmonella contaminated raw or undercooked pork. The infection can cause infectious gastroenteritis. pigtype Salmonella Ab permits the detection of antibodies to more than 97% of the most frequently occurring salmonella serotypes. The directive of the EU 2003/99/EG, on the monitoring of zoonoses and zoonotic agents, demands efficient surveillance and control programmes regarding prevention and consumer protection. Testing of sera or meat juice samples with the ELISA technique is the most reliable method to define the Salmonella status in swine herds. Several countries have introduced monitoring programmes in compliance with the Danish standard to guarantee high quality meat and meat products. In accordance with German salmonella regulation (BGBI. chapter I, No. 10 2007, p. 322), swine herds can be classified according to their serological results.

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Product contents Microtiter plate with 96 wells; Sample Diluent, Positive Control, Negative Control, Wash Buffer, Conjugate, TMB Substrate, Stop Solution, Handbook
Pathogen type Bacteria
Species Swine
Product type Ready-to-use assay
Pathogen investigated Salmonella
Technology ELISA
Handbook pigtype Salmonella Ab (May 2018, EN)
Handbuch pigtype Salmonella Ab (Mai 2018, DE)
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