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IndiMag 2

User-friendly, versatile benchtop instrument for automated magnetic bead-based nucleic acid isolation [Read more]

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IndiMag 2 offers a versatile, highly reliable, and user-friendly approach to automated nucleic acid isolation. Starting from a broad range of sample types, use the intuitive touchscreen interface to choose preloaded or customizable protocols with up to 4 washing steps as well as heating and cooling functions. The rapid protocols deliver nucleic acids from up to 48 samples, with time-saving options like prefilled cartridges.

With IndiMag 2, you get:

Flexible experiment design

  • Start with a broad range of sample types
  • Process 1 to 48 samples per run
  • Use preloaded protocols or create your own with up to 4 washing steps
  • Save time and material with modular plastics, including prefilled cartridges
    with separate lysis and elution strips

Precise temperature control

  • Extensive temperature range from 4°C to 100°C
  • Heat up to activate and accelerate reactions 
  • Cool down to stabilize nucleic acids after isolation

A user-friendly, automated system

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface for setup and complete process control
  • Quick and easy deck loading
  • Easy sterilization with the inbuilt UV light

A hardworking, dependable platform

  • Robust German engineering
  • 2-year warranty as standard
  • Additional service plans available

Superior performance 

Best yield with IndiMag extraction kits, protocols, and plastics from INDICAL.
For even faster turnaround, choose ready-to-use IndiMag prefilled cartridges (SP947654P608).

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Target analyte Viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA
Workflow step Sample extraction
Instrument platform IndiMag 2
Product type Instrument
Technology Magnetic bead
Handling Automated
IndiMag 48 PW Rod cover (672 reactions)
Rod cover (8-strips) for 84 x 8 samples on IndiMag 48
IndiMag 48 PW 8-Sample Blocks (560 reactions)
Plasticware (32-well blocks) for 70 x 8 samples on IndiMag 48
IndiMag Pathogen Kit w/o plastics (384 reactions)
(Old name: MagAttract 96 cador Pathogen Kit w/o Plastics) For rapid and automated purification of viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA from a wide range of animal samples based on magnetic bead technology. Choose if you own a IndiMag 48/48s or IndiMag 2.
IndiMag Pathogen IM48 Cartridge
Prefilled reagent cartridges for automated magnetic-bead based extraction of nucleic acids on IndiMag 48/48s and IndiMag 2