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Cat. No.: VMRD5010.20-2

Bluetongue Virus Antibody Test Kit (2 ELISA plates)

For detection of antibodies to Bluetongue Virus (Availability/distribution: Outside the U.S. and Canada) [Read more]

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VMRD’s new BTV cELISA v2 test kit brings you the same rapid and convenient features of the original version (40 minutes total incubation time) along with new features including distilled water wash.
This Bluetongue Virus Antibody Test Kit is a competitive, enzyme-linked, immunosorbent assay (cELISA). Sample serum bluetongue antibody inhibits binding of horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-labeled, bluetongue-specific monoclonal antibody to bluetongue viral antigen coated on the plastic wells. Binding of the HRP-labeled monoclonal antibody conjugate is detected by the addition of enzyme substrate and quantified by subsequent color product development. Strong color development indicates little or no blockage of HRP-labeled monoclonal antibody binding and therefore the absence of bluetongue antibody in sample sera. Weak color development due to inhibition of the monoclonal antibody binding to the antigen on the solid phase indicates the presence of bluetongue antibodies in sample sera.

Pathogen type Virus
Species Ruminants
Technology ELISA
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